This is NOT the site to upload your poster for the Fulton Conference!

Share your poster, get noticed


After the conference, you could store your poster in the back of some closet, but eventually you’re going to want that space back. Instead, you can upload your poster to BYU’s ScholarsArchive (a repository or online storage system for research materials). This will create a permanent link to your poster (add it to your resume or LinkedIn profile) and it will be open access, meaning anyone can access the file at a later time. This is a great way to preserve your work and make it available to other researchers who may be interested in your project. Not only that, but you’ll get a monthly download report of how many people viewed your poster!


To upload your poster:


       1.       Visit

       2.       Click on “Submit Research” under the Author Corner heading on the left sidebar

       3.       Read the license agreement and check the box at the bottom (this says your work is your own, you give us permission to upload it, and you retain all your rights in case you want to publish your paper elsewhere)

       4.       Fill in as much information as possible

Notes about a few of the fields:

a.       Add additional authors by clicking on the green plus box under Authors

b.      Select Poster for Document Type

c.       Upload File from your computer

                                                               i.      Select the pdf file to upload

d.      Use 1st page of pdf for the cover image

       5.       Click Submit


Give us two business days to get your poster through the system and uploaded. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the permanent URL when your poster is on the site.


Questions? Contact Mandy Oscarson at​