Frequently Asked Questions


May I submit more than one poster?

Yes. You are welcome to submit as many research posters as you would like.

May I submit a poster I presented at a conference earlier this year?

Yes, as long as the poster follows the guidelines. Please resubmit your poster through the same process so that it can be available to judges to evaluate.

How do I cite my sources?

As listing sources on a poster takes away room for research, you are not required to list sources unless you wish to or are directed to do so by your professor.

How many dpi (dots-per-inch) should images on the poster be?

300 dpi or more is necessary to avoid pixelation when printed.

I found an error on my poster. Can I change it after submitting?

It depends. If it is before the deadline, you are welcome to replace the poster you uploaded with an updated version. However, no reprints are provided, so if the first poster you submitted was already printed, you will be responsible for getting your updated poster printed somewhere else.

If it is after the deadline you will be unable to make additional edits to your poster. 

When will the judging take place?

The judges will have access to all student posters and abstracts immediately after the poster submission deadline. They will make their final decisions prior to the conference.

Do I need to stay for the entire conference?

Please arrange your schedule to be present for the conference. You may split time at your poster between any co-investigators. We also understand that you may have a scheduled class during the conference, which you should attend. 

Is the conference only for undergraduate students?

No. All undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences are invited to present. To make the judging process fair, graduate students in a department are judged in a separate category than undergraduate students from the same department. 

Do I need to put a poster ID # on my poster?

No. Your poster will be assigned a number before printing. When you sign in on the morning of the conference, you will be given your poster.

I receive an error message every time I try to convert my PowerPoint to a PDF. What should I do?

First read the directions about converting your PowerPoint file into a PDF on the poster guidelines page. If you are still having difficulties, contact the FHSS Design Team and they will be able to assist you.

Why do I need to know the net IDs of my other co-investigators?

We have found this is the easiest way for each student to receive credit for their poster in the program and the judging. If you are unable to reach your co-investigators in time to obtain their net IDs, please contact the Dean's Office at (801) 422-2083, option 2 or for assistance.

If my file is too large to submit on the website, can I submit it on a flash drive or CD?

No. The only way to submit a poster is through the online website. If your poster is too large for submission, please contact the FHSS Design Team for advice on how to shrink your file size without losing the quality.

My poster looks different in a PDF than it does in the program I created it in. Will those changes show up?

Yes. The PDF document that shows up on your screen is exactly what will be printed. If your PDF looks different from the program you created it in, contact the FHSS Design Team for help.

What do I do with my poster when I’m done?

You could store your full size poster in the back of some closet, but eventually you’re going to want that space back. Instead, you can upload your poster to BYU’s ScholarsArchive (a repository or online storage system for research materials). This will create a permanent link to your poster and it will be open access, meaning anyone can access the file. This is a great way to preserve your work and make it available to other researchers who may be interested in your project… not to mention it’s another great addition to your resume!