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1st Place Poster in Political Science (Undergraduate)

Kelsey Eyre
Political Science
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White Identity Does Not Equal Racial Resentment
Using 2018 ANES pilot survey data, we investigate the differences between the measures for racial resentment and white identity. We find that while these two measures do have certain similarities, they differ in their ability to predict ideology.
Jeremy Pope

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Kesley Powell
Heather Walker

Ethan Busby
April 07, 2021 6:53 AM
Really important and interesting research! These are crucial questions that folks studying race and racial attitudes (especially among Whites) are working through right now. Quick clarification - I think you're looking only at White respondents here - is that true? Looking at your results, it seems to me that racial resentment has clearly conservative connections, whereas White identity has more of a moderate / center-right flavor. It isn't as linked to conservatism as racial resentment (which you clearly articulate), but it also seems to be not clearly connected with liberalism). Would you agree with this char...