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2nd Place Poster in Political Science (Undergraduate)

Grant Baldwin & Zeke Peters
Political Science
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At Large But Not In Charge: How Formal Institutions Affect Minority Representation on U.S. City Councils
Our research examines a huge nationwide sample of more than 14 thousand U.S. municipalities to examine a relationship between formal electoral institutions and minority representation. We find that on average, councils that elect their councilors by geographic electoral districts elect greater proportions of non-white representatives.
Adam Dynes

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Grant Baldwin
Zeke Peters

Ethan Busby
April 07, 2021 7:13 AM
Great poster! It looks really nice and has some real depth to it as well. I think your findings about the variation as the racial demographics of the community change are especially intriguing. Why do you think this pattern emerges? About how many cities do you have that have populations of color larger than 0.6? There's something important going on there, and I think a lot could be done to build off of the great research you've started here.