Mary Lou Fulton Endowed Chair
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8:30 - 11:30 AM

The College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences honors the life and contributions of Mary Lou Fulton by designating a chair in her name. Her passion for educating and elevating the aspirations of children and youth is reflected in the multifaceted elements of this chair. Mary Lou was a wonderful example of a Latter-day Saint woman who, after devoted service raising her family, returned to college to finish her degree. Throughout her life, Mary Lou sought to help those with personal challenges, whether assisting her own students who struggled with reading or rendering quiet service to neighbors and ward members. She reached into the homes and hearts of the suffering to provide comfort, strength and encouragement. Nurturing the family was a high priority for Mary Lou Fulton; thus, the Fulton Chair supports causes and programs that uphold and strengthen the family unit. Mary Lou was particularly sensitive to helping others remain free of addictive substances or crippling afflictions that limit their possibilities in life. She understood the importance of preparing future families for success by educating youth about principles that foster strong, eternal family relationships. The Mary Lou Fulton Chair in the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences stands as a tribute to her life of service, to high values, and to family.